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  • Yi-Ming Zhou*, Ren-Quan Yang*, Sheng-Ce Tao*, et. al. (2005). The design and application of DNA chips for early detection of SARS-CoV from clinical samples. Journal of clinical virology. 33(2):123-31. (*Contributed equally). [Pubmed Citation]
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  • Chien-Sheng Chen, Ekaterina Korobkova, Hao Chen, Xing Jian, Jian Zhu, Sheng-Ce Tao, Chuan He & Heng Zhu (2008). A Proteome Chip Approach Reveals New DNA Base Damage Recognition Activities in Escherichia coli. Nature Methods. 5(1):69-74. [Pubmed Citation]
  • Kenyon M. Evans-Nguyen, Sheng-Ce Tao, Heng Zhu, and Robert J. Cotter (2008). Protein Arrays on Patterned Porous Gold Substrates Interrogated with Mass Spectrometry: Detection of Peptides in Plasma. Analytical Chemistry. 80 (5), 1448 -1458. (Highlighted by Analytical Chemistry and Journal of Proteome Research) [Pubmed Citation]
  • Sheng-Ce Tao*, Yu Li*, Jiangbing Zhou*, Jiang Qian, Ronald L. Schnaar, Ying Zhang, Irwin J. Goldstein, Heng Zhu, Jonathan P. Schneck (2008). Lectin microarrays identify cell-specific and functionally significant cell surface glycan markers. Glycobiology. 18(10): 761-769. (*Contributed equally) [Pubmed Citation]



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Tao Lab, Shanghai Center for Systems Biomedicine, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
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