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  • Yu-yi Lin, Jin-ying Lu, Junmei Zhang, Wendy Walter, Weiwei Dang, Jun Wan, Sheng-Ce Tao, Jiang Qian, Yingming Zhao, Jef D Boeke, Shelley L Berger, Heng Zhu (2009)Protein Acetylation Microarray Reveals NuA4 Controls Key Metabolic Target Regulating Gluconeogenesis. Cell. 136(6): 1073 - 1084. [Pubmed Citation]
  • Li A. Kung*, Sheng-Ce Tao*, Jiang Qian, Michael Snyder, and Heng Zhu (2009). Global Analysis of S. cerevisiae Proteome Reveals New Roles for Protein Glycosylation in Eucaryotes. Molecular Systems Biology. 5:308. (*Contributed equally) [Pubmed Citation]



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Tao Lab, Shanghai Center for Systems Biomedicine, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
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